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ARLINGTON HIEIGHTS, ILLINOIS, USA, September 16, 2009: Hill Tech, a world leader in reflector solutions for UV lamps today announced a new polished parabolic UV Reflector further enhancing their standard line of UV reflectors.
Utilizing our proven material and processing techniques used on our existing UV Reflectors Hill Tech is now offering a new polished Parabolic Reflector PO50.

In the past, Hill Tech only offered PO50 reflectors in an unpolished version. Polishing a parabolic arc to the necessary specification required special tooling and polishing hardware to be developed. After many customer requests for the polished version of the PO50, Hill Tech in early 2009 invested in the technology necessary and are now proud to introduce a polished 5 inch parabolic UV reflector to the market.

These come in 10 foot lengths and are very competitively priced. Cutting is available, for a small fee, and high volume discounts are available.
For more information, contact :

Alena Kamin
Customer Service Manager
Hill Technical Sales
216 West Campus Drive
Arlington Heights, IL 60004    
Tel: +1- 847-255-4400  ext 13
Fax: +1-847-255-0192     

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