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Power conversion components for Alternative Energy, Utility-Scale Power, Energy Storage, and Medical Equipment applications. Two other component areas are High-Speed Automated Vision Systems, and Ultraviolet drying/curing machinery.

Power Components

Electrical Power Conversion & Distribution – components embedded in key low and medium voltage products used in:

Energy Generation Green For Solar and Wind products our components are in, inverters/converters, PFC/harmonic filters, combiners, sub-combiners, and dynamic breaking DBR.

Conventional Electric Generation: Components for Excitation Systems, Voltage Regulators, and Rapid De-Excitation.

Grid Solutions: Advanced Metering Infrastructure “AMI” Automatic Meter Readers “AMR’s”, Metal enclosed Switchgear, Paralleling Switchgear, Motor Generator Sets, AMI Networks, and Smart Grid products.

Energy Storage: Smart Charging, Solid State Batteries, HEV’s, PHEV, EV, Flow Batteries.

High Power Quality: Products that support high “PQ” of the grid.

Components we provide in support for these products include Current and Potential Transformers, Semiconductor and MV fuses, Film Capacitors, High Energy Ceramic Resistors, and SiC Varistors, Heat Sinks, Isolated Front Ends, Amorphous Cores, and Toroidal Transformers.

High-Speed Industrial Imaging

We provide High-Speed Industrial Imaging components for the world’s fastest and most complex inspection systems:

• Film Inspection.
• Semiconductor Inspection: Processors, Flat Panel Displays, Touch Screens.
• Print Inspection: Color registration, 100% color inspection.
• Sorting Systems: Postal sorting, Test Readers.

Examples are multiple camera systems using 16k line scan cameras operating at over 150,000 lines per second. Specific products for these systems: Line scan cameras, power supply, interface cables, lighting.

Thermal Management

Thermal Management – Our thermal components cool some of the highest power density RF FETs and IGBT’s ever made. We maintain extremely uniform temperature gradients across large areas for sensitive instruments and detectors.

• High Power RF Amplifiers.
• Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Equipment.
• Locomotive, EMU’s and DMU’s.
Inverters and Convertors.

Components we provide in support for these products include Liquid Cooled Heat Sinks, Air Cooled Heat Sinks, Heat-Pipes, Heat-Pipe Assemblies, Copper Heat Sinks, Fans, and Blowers. Various Heaters: Thick Film, Flexible foil, Cartridge, Optically Clear Flexible and Flexible Heated Hoses.

UV Curing

Ultraviolet (UV) Curing and Drying – Our UV components allow the designer of simple to complex equipment to quickly engineer a UV system suited to their needs. They can buy standard made components to customize to their exact needs or we can assist in complete custom solutions:

UV Components we offer