About Hill Technical Sales Corp.

Hill Technical Sales offers you:

  • Long-Term Relationship Sales. The intangible value of our relationship with existing customers is so great we are given the first opportunity to meet any new challenge.
  • Responsive communications. We are able to provide prompt and accurate responses to both customer and principal inquiries, due to our unique marketing database and On-line E-mail system (available with some of our larger OEM customers).
  • Single point account responsibility. Our account specialists are responsible for the overall maintenance of the “supplier-purchaser relationship”. They are always looking for opportunities to implement emerging technologies or cost reductions through design improvements.
  • Trade show exposure. Hill Technical Sales attends all pertinent area trade shows. We have an attractive 10 X 10 booth and a table top display which gives your company professional coverage while meeting engineers “on-their-own-turf”.
  • Timely advertising and promotion. We continuously track various projects and provide timely information at the appropriate decision points. We also do scheduled mailings to targeted personnel providing them with important new product information.

Corporate Staff

Hill Technical Sales staff is composed of degreed individuals with more than five years of experience in the Power Conversion, Thermal Management, and Imaging industry as experienced application specialists.

Corporate Vision

Hill Technical Sales is committed to being a technical component marketing firm specializing in all aspects of Power Conversion, Thermal Management, and Imaging components. These components are sold exclusively to OEM’s for use in the products they are manufacturing for sale.

Project Time-lines

We understand that typical product design cycles often take 1 to 2 years. From rough concept to production orders, we know how to provide top quality consistent service and follow through.

Superior Service

We understand our markets and provide engineers extraordinary service with cost effective and superior technical solutions.

Sales Expertise

Our application specialists assist engineering designers in several elements of product design. Typical areas of expertise include:

  • Power Conversion
  • Thermal Management Solutions
  • Imaging Sensors and Cameras
  • UV Curing

Let’s get started.  E-mail or call us and we look forward to assisting you.