Hill Tech Power Components

We are ready to partner with your project team to develop the optimum power components for electrical power conversion. Hill Tech works with OEMs to assist in implementing standard and custom components into your system assembly to meet your performance requirements along with target costs, quality, and regulatory specifications.

Whether you need heat sinks, transformers, fuses, high energy resistors, amorphous cores, instrument transformers, film capacitors, complete custom high power inverters, or converters we have a solution that works. If you need further assistance please use our RFQ system, e-mail us your request or contact us.

Power Components Offered

Transformers and Inductors
Laminated Bus Structures
Amorphous / Nanocrystalline cores
Instrument Transformers

Heat Sinks
Thermal Interface Material
Fans, Blowers, Motors
Resistors – High Power/Voltage
Fuses – Siemconductor / Medium Voltage

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