UV irradiator housing for easy conversion to UV curing


Hill Tech introduces UV irradiator housing for easy conversion to UV curing

 Hill Tech introduces UV irradiator/ UV lamp housing for easy conversion of existing production lines from widths of 4 to 100 inches using traditional dryers to a UV drying/curing line.

 This standard line of lamp irradiator assemblies (LIA) which in addition to being an instant solution to reliable cooling of your UV lamp provide: 

  • Lamp mounting
  • A highly efficient method of focusing UV energy on to the curing surface.
  • Longer UV-lamp life.
  • More UV energy to the curing target improving your throughput.
  • Two focus versions.
  • Faster development time in implementing cooling for UV curing equipment.
  • No design or tooling investment required.
  • Reduced parts count.
  • An excellent option for UV retrofits system.
  • Improved quality and better UV cure results through consistent cooling.
  • Flexible lengths for almost any UV system: can be used for lamp arc lengths from 4 to 100 inches.  

There are easy steps list which example installation of these assemblies and other questions at: 


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