Step by step procedure for UV Lamp Replacement in UV Reflector Assemblies

ARLINGTON HIEIGHTS, ILLINOIS, USA, October 20, 2009: Hill Tech Sales, a leader in components and subassemblies for UV curing today published a “step by step procedure for UV Lamp Replacement in Reflector Assemblies

This procedure can be seen in detail in the FAQ section of the Hill Technical Website, below are steps listed:

  1. A qualified person following proper lockout procedures must perform lamp replacement.
  2. Turn power off. Be sure that the irradiator and lamp have cooled before removing the lamp.
  3. Disconnect all power and high voltage cable from the LIA.
  4. Remove irradiator cover by removing both knobs at each end of the LIA and lifting out the assembly by its handles.
  5. Place the LIA upside down on its handles
  6. Remove one metal diffuser. Loosen the screws on the lamp holder to release the top bracket.
  7. Disconnect the lamp leads and pull lamp out of the LIA.
  8. Clean the replacement UV lamp and reflector liners with a lint free cloth and denatured isopropyl alcohol. Use latex or vinyl gloves during this step to keep the lamp free of any fingerprints.
  9. Place one lamp lead and end fitting through the mounted metal air diffuser and on top of the lamp holder.   Place the loose metal air diffuser around the other lamp end and place the lamp end onto the lamp holder.

10.  Remount the metal air diffuser and place the top bracket over the lamp end and tighten the top bracket.

11.  Connect lamp leads to ceramic standoffs.

12.  Place the irradiator back in place and tighten the four knobs and reconnect the high voltage cable by matching index to index and screwing the connector cable down completely.

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