8 Liquid Cooling Methods For High Power Energy Storage Devices

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS, USA, Thursday, January 07, 2010: Hill Tech Sales, a leader in components for Electrical Power Conversion and Thermal Management today posted information on 8 methods liquid cooling for energy storage.

Large scale solutions for energy storage present a new challenge regarding the heat produced and its effect on batteries and capacitors used for energy storage. The heat generated by the adjacent power components used in the inverter/converter often over shadows the losses created by charging and discharging batteries and capacitors.

In most cases great care is taken cool the switching devices and magnetic components however the batteries and capacitors are sometimes over looked yet they also are impacted by elevated temperatures in terms of degraded life and performance.

If liquid for cooling is available there are 8 key cold plate construction methods commonly used as a solution:

 Batteries and caps can be recessed into the plate to increase the conductive area and if needed additional thermal interface material is applied to increase thermal performance.

Sizes of these plates range from a few centimeters to slightly more than 2 meters.

An additional consideration is using a heat pipe assembly to remove heat from the internal structure of the capacitor or battery to the cold plate.

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