SIBA Fuses Highlights for the IEEE PES T&D 2018 Show

Medium Voltage Fuses for Potential Transformer protection

Medium Voltage Fuses for PT, Capacitor, Transformer and Motor Protection

Released March 26th 2018 – Arlington Heights, IL

Company information

Fuse solutions for Energy Storage and medium voltage applications. Siba Fuse is a Manufacturer of Low Voltage and Medium Voltage fuses.  With over 75 years of experience, SIBA is the industry leader in semiconductor fuses (AC and DC), medium and high voltage fuses for capacitor, transformer, and motor protection. SIBA devotes itself ONLY to its specific core business of fuses.  You can be sure that SIBA fuses will work when needed.

Fuses cover the whole range from miniature devices for electrical components to high-voltage installations. Products include standard European, miniature, electronic fuses, and a wide range of DC rated fuses (24 VDC – 6000 VDC):

Typical Applications

You will find SIBA Fuse listed in the following categories

  • Smart Grid
  • Energy Management
  • System Reliability / Capacity / Management
  • Energy Management
  • System/Equipment Protection
  • Fuses/Cutouts

For more information or additional assistance, contact us at 847-255-4400 or

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