Ultra-Low Silicone Thermal Gap Filler Provides

ARLINGTON HIEIGHTS, ILLINOIS, USA, October 21, 2009: Hill Tech Sales, a leader in components for electrical power conversion and thermal management today is introducing ultra-low silicone gap fillers to its line of thermal interface materials.

Hill Technical has added new TP-S3LS ultra-low silicone gap fillers to its line of thermal interface materials. TP-S3LS pads contain less than 50 parts per million of silicone while providing 3.0 W/mK of thermal conductivity between hot components and their heat sinks. The gap filler’s minimal silicone content makes it suitable for use in silicone-sensitive applications including medical electronics, laser optics and telecommunications where silicone-based out gassing can lead to contamination and condensation issues or leave oily residues that interfere with process applications. The TP-S3 family of materials was developed by Chang Sung Corp. and is manufactured by Dongyun Electronics in South Korea.

Pads of TP-S3LS material are soft and compliant for easy compression and filling of air gaps between irregular mating surfaces. The material’s Shore 00 hardness is 55. TP-S3 pads can be used in temperatures up to 200°C, which exceeds the use range of silicone-free gap fillers. The material has a UL 94 flame class rating of V-0. Its dielectric breakdown voltage is over 5.0 kV.

New TP-S3 gap filler material is available in 210 x 297 mm (8.3 in x 11.7 in) sheets or die-cut parts. Standard sheet thicknesses range from 0.5 to 5.0 mm (0.020 in to 0.196 in).  Pricing for standard flat TP-S3LS sheets starts at $0.10 per square inch, which is below the cost of other 3.0 W/mK thermal gap fillers now available. Lower priced TP-S materials are also available with thermal conductivities of 2.0 and 1.0 W/mK.

For more information on all TP-S3LS ultra-low silicone gap filler materials, visit www.hilltech.com or contact:

Vince Hill
Thermal Account Manager
Hill Technical Sales
216 West Campus Drive
Arlington Heights, IL 60004    
Tel: +1- 847-255-4400  ext 15
Fax: +1-847-255-0192     

You my also visit: http://www.hilltech.com/

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1 Response to Ultra-Low Silicone Thermal Gap Filler Provides

  1. admin says:

    Why use this Gap filler material?

    Many applications where silicone out gassing has become a big issue and driven companies to silicone free materials. Although this material is not silicone free, any potential out gassing is really negligible. It is silicone gap filler with less than 50 ppm of silicone content.

    This has a high thermal transfer, note the 3.0 W/mK family. Most gap fillers available are in the 1.0 to 2.0 W/mK range.

    Pricing is also very aggressive on this material and we will be less expensive than competitive 1.0 and 2.0 W/mK materials.

    In comparison to silicone free materials it can operate up to 200°C. Most silicone free materials max out at 125°C.

    This material is UL rated at 94 V-0. We believe it to be the only silicone free material has that has this rating and at 1.0 W/mK.

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