Common Mode Inductor Cores for size reduction & increased performance

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS, USA, Friday, June 20, 2014: Hill Tech Sales, a leader in Components for Electrical Power Conversion today posted information on Extreme nanocrystalline core materials for EMC noise reduction.

New common mode core material FT-8K50D and FT-3K50T

These materials have come about from advances in casting technique to move from an industry leading 18um thick ribbon to 13um. This reduction in ribbon thickness reduces eddy current losses (most competitors ribbon thicknesses are 20 to 25um) while maintaining high permeability.

Also optimized is the process of applying magnetic field during annealing.  This allows you to use a smaller amount of core volume to provide high suppression performance.

Actual size reduction


Finemet core vs. MN-Zn Ferrite
Size reduction using Finemet core material FT-8K50D and FT-3K50T

In the past one of the complaints with using nanocrystalline cores material for common mode applications was frequency response at higher frequencies. FT-3K50T addresses this issue by increasing the permeability of nanocrystalline cores at higher frequencies; 1 MHz and above, extending high frequency spectrum response by ~40Mhz

Nanocrystalline cores already exhibit extremely high saturation flux densities, however some applications can still benefit from a higher Bsat. FT-8K50D address this request by further enhancing the saturation flux density by ~ 10% to 1.32T, allowing you to use a smaller core.

General material characteristics


Material characteristics FINEMET - FT-8K50DMaterial characteristics FINEMET – FT-8K50D


Standard cores available:

Standard Oval Case Designs are available for higher current bus bar applications


Oval Finemet core for high current bus bar.

Finemet cores shaped in Oval formats for materials, 3KM, FT-8K50D and FT-3K50T

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